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Professional and Reliable Hardscape, Landscape, Patios and Lighting in Richmond, VA


2D/3D Design

A design is one of the most integral parts to a landscape construction project. A scaled out rendering of exactly what is to be installed on a client’s property is just as important for the client as it is for the construction team.

The client needs to know exactly what their new backyard space is going to look like when the project is complete. We utilize both 2d and 3d design methods to be able to convey this. Outdoor living and landscape projects are not only investments to increase your property value, but they are also intended to improve the quality of the time that you spend outside.

The 2d and 3d models guide our teams to creating these beautiful spaces with the same vision that the client and designer have in mind.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Whether it’s a summertime backyard barbecue or Sunday afternoon for the big game, outdoor living spaces provide you with a great place to entertain your guests. Let us show you how we can transform your backyard into the talk of the neighborhood. We bring the luxury of a full-scale kitchen or fireplace to the outdoors for your enjoyment.

Outdoor fire-pits and seating benches provide year round enjoyment for the entire family. Virtually maintenance free you will enjoy your outdoor living space for many seasons to come.


Patios and structural retaining walls are a great way to add value to your property while providing an enjoyable place to retreat. Familiarity with all styles and types of hardscaping materials allows Rock Creek Innovations, Inc. to meet every need of our customers.

Looking for a more natural appearance? Rock Creek Innovations offers a wide selection of natural and culturedstone materials for sidewalks, patios, and retaining walls. Each application is unique in its own way. Let one of our professional staff members meet with you and plan the path to attain your objectives.

Rock Creek Innovations, Inc. is both NCMA and ICPI certified for the construction of paver patios/sidewalks/driveways and structural retaining walls.

Landscaping/Landscape Care

Our experts will help you create your ideal landscape setting. Rock Creek Innovations’ landscaping approach incorporates proper site grading and drainage practices; diligent selection of Zone 7 suitable plant and tree material; professional installation techniques using proper soil blends and appropriate seasonal fertilizers; continued monitoring of your landscape for the best performance possible. Working closely with Rock Creek Nursery and other local growers we can provide your landscape with high-quality plants and trees in a timely fashion.

Lighting Arrangements

Outdoor lighting will create a whole new dynamic for your new or existing landscape. Use path lights to accent walkways, recessed wall lighting to splash the face of your new seating wall, and in-ground up-lighting to highlight specimen quality mature or developing trees. These are just some of the many ways that make landscape lighting the perfect way to bring your Outdoor Living Space to life in the evening and night. Talk with our experts about how to add the Landscape Lighting dynamic to your Outdoor Living Space!