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Thinking about planting? So are we…

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First on our list, trees and shurbs!

Why start with trees and shrubs you may ask?  Well these need time to establish a good root system prior to winter and let’s be honest the more time the better.  This is also a great time to choose options that will provide color to your landscape throughout the winter.

Here are a few other great reasons that make this transitional period the best for getting these plants into the ground.

  •  Root systems establish best in cool soil
  • Water requirements are lower when leaves are not present
  • Mother Nature typically provides ample water in the Spring
  • Less likely to freeze from a hard frost


Here are a few fun color options to think about!



Need help figuring out what to plant? If you’re in the RVA area you can click on or take a trip to the garden centers below or any garden centers near you.


Glen Allen SiteOne

Colesville Nursery


Click here to understand your plant zone 


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