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Today it’s all about describing your ideal outdoor landscape. Whether you’re looking for year round color, a Spring/ Summer splash, or low maintenance as there’s no such thing as a NO-maintenance landscape. We’ll help you understand your style, and how to communicate it effectively.

The terms discussed below will help you understand the needs and wants of your landscape along with effectively communicating those to your Landscape Designer.



Landscape Budget: When considering your landscape design the first thing to nail down is how much time and/or money you want to invest both now and over time in your landscape. Jokingly I mentioned “there is no such thing as a NO-Maintenance landscape” but it’s true; there will always be something needing attention. The great thing is you you have options: you may choose to do it yourself, put it on the “HoneyDo list”  or choose a reputable company to maintain it for you. That’s where the budget comes into play. Think about not only a monthly budget to include: lawn care, fertilization, pruning, bed care and even planters; but also a yearly budget considering things like storm damage, aging landscape or enhancements.

Seasonal interest:  This is the term used when wanting colors and textures that change with each season. This could mean a shrub like a Camellia that starts blooming in the Virginia area in November but keeps it’s evergreen leaves year round. Ornamental grasses for Winter interest are also great options.

Perennials: plants with color that return each year.

 Annuals: plants that need to be replaced each year.

Plant predators: Deer, Rabbits or Voles  are “plant predators” that you should be aware of in your yards. There are plenty of plant options out there that these guys don’t enjoy as snacks.


Questions to ponder:


How would you like to use your landscape?

Would you like herbs or flowers that you may utilize in cooking?

Would you like to make flower bouquets for your home or as gifts for friends and family?

Do you have a pool/patio in your outdoor space? Do you have concerns about petals dropping that may need regular clean up and create staining.

Are you concerned about shading?

Do you need a dog safe landscape?

Do you needs a kids play area in your landscape space? For example: Swing-set or sandbox




Choosing a Virginia Certified Landscape Designer will help you bring your vision to life. A Landscape Designer is there to help with design/plant options for your locations and will typically be knowledgable about your soil or having a soil test, plant placement for sun/shade and any issues or regulations for your area.



Next time we’ll be talking about the finishing touches to bring it all together with furniture, lighting and decor.


Until next time,

Rock Creek Innovations Team