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Consider these materials for your outdoor living space

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Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room… the material options. Patio; it’s a broad term used in the hardscape industry and today we’ll go over a few of the options, and hopefully help you choose the best fit for your outdoor dream space!

Drum roll please… in no particular order:

Interlocking Concrete pavers:

Interlocking Concrete pavers are concrete poured into a mold with added dye in various textures and finishes. This allows a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes that make the design possibilities limitless. Concrete pavers are individually and collectively strong, withstanding the elements. This option can last decades due to the strength and flexibility of the pavers as well as their interlocking system of sand-filled joints. These are easy to maintain as well as lots of sealing options that could provide a “wet” look or be invisible to provide stain resistance.


Brick pavers: 

Brick pavers provide a very traditional look. They are typically less versatile in design options, and colors but are classic and elegant. Brick pavers can be installed as a dry or wet lay installation.  Dry lay installation has tight joints with a fine sand. Wet lay installation includes a setting bed of mortar installed under the bricks with evenly spaced joints filled with grout to give the traditional brick look like most people see on the foundation of their homes.


Natural stone paving material:

Natural stone encompasses a wide range of terms that you may hear like: Bluestone, Flagstone, or Slate. This material is carved from the earth, making them incredibly strong and unique. These stones are timeless enough to be considered in contemporary designs (Travertine) while their rich earthy tones correspond with the surrounding landscape for a more rustic or organic look (Weatherface Flagstone). The several types of natural stone products are available in many sizes, colors, patterns and finishes to build an endless variety of design possibilities and can be installed “wet” or “dry” lay as we referred to previously with the Brick pavers.


Stamped Concrete:

Stamped concrete can give the look of natural stone, brick, or even cobblestone. It has a wide range of design options and can sometimes be more cost effective than previously discussed products, but will inevitability crack. The cracking could take place 2 days or 5 years after installation and could range from insignificant, to significant repair costs. Don’t be alarmed by this as most all concrete poured slabs will crack over time.


We hope this makes the decision making process a bit less stressful, and more fun! Remember it’s YOUR dream space.


Tune in April 25th for decisions on Landscaping whether it’s color year round, or color right now we’ll help you bring out the best!


Until next time,

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